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Guinn, Scott F: My Best To You Volume 2 Coins
2009 Scott F. Guinn, A Great Scott! It's Magic! Publication
eBook, 94 pages

My Best To You
              Volume 2: Coins
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Comments: The My Best to You series represents some of Scott's best material from his out of print books: Great Scott! It's More Magic and Magishing My Way. They have been re-collected and in some cases re-worked. Volume 1 is on Card Magic, and Volume 3 is on Close-Up and Stand-Up Magic. Photo-Illustrated. Available from


4 First Word (Scott Guinn)
5 Sucker Trick (From Great Scott! It's Coin Magic!): a routine with a dime and a lollipop
11 Glass Action Suit: a coins to glass routine using four half dollars and an Old Fashioned glass
17 Wormhole (from Profiles in Coinage): A coin vanishes and re-appears as it is moved through a 5" ring "Wormhole"; with a giant coin climax.
25 Into the Fourth Dementia (from Profiles in Coinage): a wild coin routine with an "impossible" ending (and another use for the 5" ring)
30 Eye-Con: A full coin routine designed for restaurant work.
37 Pouched CSB: A Copper-Silver-Brass routine using a "pouch-style" coin purse
45 Sheepish Thieves: full routine based on the Thieves and Sheep plot. Uses two English Pennies, seven Half Dollars, two C/S coins, and a coin purse.
57 North American Jumping Coins: Two silver coins and one copper travel cleanly one at a time from one hand to the other. Uses Scotch & Soda set and expanded shell.
63 UN Coins Thru Table: A Mexican Centavo, English Penny and US Silver Dollar go through the table top one at a time
72 Struck, Packed, & Pitched: a coin penetrates a small bottle and is removed with tweezers and handed out for examination!
77 Shelled, Folded, & Hooked: Scott's handling of Ramsay's Hanging Coins plot.
81 Stacked, Waxed, & Hijacked: Scott's version of the Cap & Pence
85 Great Scott's Flurry: "a rapid series of magical happenings with a coin"
91 Last Word
92 Sleight Index