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Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way
©2001 Scott F. Guinn
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 130 pages
Magishing My Way
Image courtesy eBay seller MiniatureMagician
Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way

Comments: Conjuring Routines for the Performing Prestidigitator.

Contents (from book):

3 First Word (Scott F. Guinn)

5 Section One: Pasteboard Prestidigitation

7 Chapter One: Plain Pack-ages
9 Hi-ways and Bi-ways
16 Direct Decision
20 A-Jacks Transposition
26 What the Devil?
31 Lumberjack Stew

37 Chapter Two: A Little Something Extra
39 Coeur d’Alene Assembly
47 Ransomed Back
51 Universal Appeal
54 Face-Off
58 The “X” on Val Dees
64 Dearly Departed

67 Chapter Three: Worth the Trouble
69 Mr. Collins’ Opus
72 McCall of the Wild
77 The Legend of Scott Star, Trader Vic and “Slick Jack” Spade

83 Chapter Four: Double Time
85 Tri-Optical Illusion
88 Brundle-Fly Transposition
91 Section Two: Cunning Chicanery

93 Chapter Five: A Familiar Ring
95 Stick Around
101 Wedded Bliss
104 You Bet Your Ring
108 Jellis

115 Chapter Six: Just Kid-ding
117 Plumber’s Bottle
118 Million Dollar Chocolate

121 Bonus Routine: Bernard Sims’ “Really Linked!”

127 Last Word
128 Index of Sleights