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Guha, Goutam: Tricks with the Jardine Ellis Ring
©1996 Sam Dalal, Electro-Fun, Calcutta, India
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages
Tricks With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
Goutam Guha: Tricks With the Jardine Ellis Ring


Contents (updated from book, Sep 2017):

2 The Jardine Ellis Ring
3 Basic Moves
4 Basic Move 2
5 Basic Move 3
6 Basic Move 4
8 Ring On the Ribbon
9 Ring Off the Ribbon
11 Continuous Production of Rings
13 Ring Penetrates the Handkerchief
15 Ring Penetrates Through the Palm
17 Ring On the Spoon
19 Ring Through The Tunnel
21 Ring On Chopstick
23 The Flying Ring