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Guastaferro, John: One Degree
©2010, Vanishing Inc.
Hardcover, 139 pages
One Degree
Image courtesy Vanishing Inc. Magic

Comments: One Degree is full of great, previously unpublished magic and some of John's greatest hits.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions from Vanishing Inc.):

1 Foreword: John Bannon
2 Introduction: Jack Carpenter
3 About One Degree: John Guastaferro

4 Chapter 1: Get Connected
5 Truth in Advertising: John takes his Optical Opener to new heights, where a blank deck magically prints. All can be examined.
6 Either Or: A fun Q&A session with your audience creates high impact and the opportunity for a devious setup.
7 Palm Reader Plus: Cards change in your participant's palm during a pseudo palm reading presentation.
8 ESSAY: Strong Connections

9 Chapter 2: Hands On Experience
10 Intro-verted: Among 2009's top ten effects from MAGIC's "Talk About Tricks" column. Includes must-see variations: Extra-verted and Technicolor Intro-Verted.
11 Mr. E. Takes a Stroll: Strolling workers will love this practical approach to Jack Carpenter's Mysterious.
12 Relay: A fun and seemingly impossible revelation of three cards.
13 ESSAY: The Napkin Approach

14 Chapter 3: Fourscore
15 Quantum Kings: A devious card to box opener.
16 Impostor: A dazzling four-card change sequence.
17 Solo: John's approach to Open Travelers where the cards never come in contact with the deck.
18 ESSAY: Mental Block

19 Chapter 4: Pocket Power
20 Homage to Homing: A powerful, three-phase card to pocket routine.
21 Pocket Change: A four-card pocket transposition with a surprising twist.
22 Key Club: A quick mental effect you carry with you on your keychain. The perfect way to begin an impromptu set.
23 ESSAY: Magic T.I.P.S.

24 Chapter 5: Worker's Toolbox
25 Overturned Counts: New approaches to the Elmsley and Stanyon Counts where the fronts and backs are shown.
26 Biddleless: A great take on The Biddle Trick: that replaces the Biddle Count with a lean and razor-sharp handling.
27 Duplex Change: John's deceptive two-card change, featuring three different applications.
28 ESSAY: Serendipity

29 Chapter 6: Tri-Umph!
30 Behind-the-Back Triumph: A simple and powerful Triumph routine, where your participant unmixes the cards in the fairest of ways.
31 Ballet Stunner: John's version of Paul Harris' Color Stunner, featuring a visual change and unexpected kicker.
32 EXTRA: More on the Ballet Cut

33 Chapter 7: Perfect Storm
34 Lost & Found: A signed card vanishes and reappears inside a clear plastic luggage tag.
35 Intuition & Out of the Blue: An two-phase packet effect that has been hailed by magicians world wide.
36 Vino Aces: A true presentation piece using four wine glasses for a classic Ace Assembly.

37 EPILOGUE: What's the Effect?