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Guastaferro, John: Second Storm
A Collection of Select Card Effects
©2006 John Guastaferro
Spiral Bound or e-Book, 41 pages, 57 color pictures
Second Storm

Comments: Commercial magic. Available at :

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Teeter Totter Aces: Spectator finds four of a kind by pushing on the see-saw deck
2 Fair Trade: impromptu quickie using 4 Aces and 4 Jacks
3 Jokers To Go: 2 Jokers in a card case transpose with selection
4 The Stress Test: name of selection appears on a "stress test" card held by spectator
5 Here, There, & Everywhere: Selection is found in the deck multiple times, with a climax ending
6 Turning The Tables: Spectator does the magic with four Jokers ending up on top of the deck
7 The Box Illusion: In trying to get a single card to go into the magician's pocket, the rest of the deck goes instead and the single card is inside the otherwise empty card box (no-gaff, no sleight!)
8 Googly Eyes: Spelling effect
9 Ultimate Fate: "fate" brings two cards together, and finds the four Aces and a climax
10 Time Will Tell: three selections match the time on the spectator's watch
11 Double Trouble: Deck changes from all backs to blanks to regular deck (uses a reverse fan)
12 Tricycle Cards: Packet effect - cards with mini Jokers change to real Jokers and then to Kings
13 Constellation: Dots on your business card move to reveal a message
14 Silkworm: Silk and sponge ball effect.