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Groves, David: David Groves' 3-Card Monte Routine
©1999 David Groves, Aha! Press, CA
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
              Groves' 3 Card Monte
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David Groves: David Groves' Three Card Monte Routine

Comments: A treatise on the real 3-Card Monte throw and presentation.


4 Description Of The Effect
4 The Secret
5 Why Is The Monte So Good?
6 The Cards
6 What Brand Of Cards?
6 Which Three Cards Should You Use?
7 How Do You Prepare The Cards?
8 How Long Can You Use The Cards?
9 Introducing The Monte
9 The Strategy
10 Setting Up The Spectator
10 The First Pump
11 The Second Pump: The Rolling Display
13 The Con Begins
13 First Con: The Hype
14 Second Con: The Whiplash Series
16 Third Con: The Turnover Change
18 Fake Explanations
18 Part 1: The Flip
18 Part 2: The Bent Comer
20 How To Secretly Place A Bend In The Indifferent Card
22 A New Series: The All-Black Ruse
25 Legalities
25 New York City Law
26 Some Monte Lore
27 A Brief Review
30 About the Author