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Griffith, Tony: Lecture Notes
©1980ca, Tony Griffith
Paper, saddle-stitched, 32 pages
Tony Griffith
              Lecture Notes
Image from Magicref


Contents: Illustrated by B&W photos and line drawings. Some effects are good for children's shows.

1 Tony Griffith: a little about him
2 The Instantaneous Silk on Rope: good visual
4 The Knot That Will Not Knot: bit of business with a handkerchief
8 Ring Away: for rope and 5" ring (ring must fit over your hand)
14 Loop de Loop: more ring and rope
18 Hitched: final part of ring and rope routine
21 The Rabbit and Hat Three Card Trick: a Jumbo card trick
24 The Wuffin Puffer Meets the Bubble Dog: combines balloon dog and card trick
28 Pseudo Psychometry: Magician determines which envelope belongs to each spectator, and the remaining envelope has money in it!
31 The Card Index System: Tony's system explained for cards in envelopes