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Green, Paul: Take a Stroll With Me
A Lecture on Strolling Magic
©1989 Paul Green
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
Take a Stroll With
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Comments: a good set of magic for the walk-around performer


1 Dedication
2 Hi Folks, I'm a Magician: essay
4 The Approach
4 Delivery
5 The Payoff
7 Foot In the Door Color Changing Knives: with a 2 knife set
8 Two Copper and Silver: using a Two Copper & Silver set
9 The Odds Are With Me: Two spectators choose cards and at first things seem to go wrong
10 Left Handed Card to Wallet for Right Handers: can be used with most any loading wallet
11 Here, There and Chicago Too: mix of Here, There and Everywhere and the Chicago Opener
13 Four on the Floor: a card on the floor becomes the selection
15 The Card in the Matchbox: selection found in a matchbox, the matches are in the card box