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Green, Paul: Nothing Up My (Green) Sleeves
©2001 Paul Green
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 27 pages
Nothing Up My
              (Green) Sleeves
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Paul Green: Nothing Up My (Green) Sleeves



1 Foreword (Paul Green)
2 Introduction: analyzing your character and plans
4 One More Chance: Duplicate of card selection is revealed
7 Above, Beside, or Below: coins transpose from magician's hand to spectators. Uses expanded shell.
12 Cutting the Competition: paper cutting effect that's great for tradeshows
15 The Pygmy Paddle: an inexpensive paddle presentation for restaurant work
17 Patter for the Pygmy Paddle
19 It's Amazing - Spectators are the P.I.T.S.: Spectators assist in the card revelation; uses a gimmicked card
21 "Everyone In" Poker: closer for a card act
26 Thanks!: spectator keeps selecting the same card, with a Jumbo card climax they can keep