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Gravatt, Glenn G: Glenn Gravatt's Treasure Trove of Tricks
©1971 Loyd Jones, Magic Limited, CA
Hardcover, 5.5x8.5", 290 pages
Treasure Trove of Tricks
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Glenn Gravatt: Treasure Trove of Tricks


Contents (source book ToC, page number just for Chapters):

7 Introduction

9 Chapter One Silks And Ropes
The Jumping Silks
Silk On Rope
Knot Blowing
Flying Rings and Silks
Pulling Your Leg
Cigarette To Silk
Linked Twentieth Century
Visible Handkerchief Pull
Flying Colors

38 Chapter Two Tricks With Rings
Phantom Ring and Shoelace
Ring Escape From Shoelace
Fastenating Ring
The Marvelous Magic Book
Escape Through The Wall
Three Ring Mystery
Captive Ring
Ring, Rope and Box
Witch Doctor’s Necklace No 2
Visible Wrap Around Penetration

79 Chapter Three Mental Effects
Six Cup Monte
Arithmatic By ESP
Crystal Clear ESP
Getting The Word
Color Scheme
Coin Divination
Match A Color ESP

104 Chapter Four Miscellaneous Effects
The Jumping Cigarette
Confusing Cube
A Spot of Cognac
Three String Mystery
Linking Ribbons
Animated Golf Ball and Crystal Tube

133 Chapter Five Coins And Cards
Penetrative Coin
Visible Solid Through Solid
Put A Nickel In The Slot
Loose Change
Magician’s Hole Card
Double Surprise
One of Four
Blankety Blank Card Trick

152 Chapter Six Mind Reading Perfected

160 Chapter Seven Gravatt’S Split Ring
Handling For New Fantasia
Linking Bracelets
Three Rings On Rope Change Positions
Variations of The Three Rings On A Cord
Ring A Silk
Ring, Safety Pin and Cord
Rope On Wrists Routine
Chinese Coins Up-to-date

172 Chapter Eight Addenda
Gravatt’s Wheel of Colors
Space Command
Ring, Shoelace And Matchbox
Curious Color Cards
Two Ring And Two Ribbon Routine
The Mysterious Wooden Block

Book II

203 Introduction
209 Chapter One The Gravatt Picture Pack
212 Chapter Two Three Mental Mysteries
220 Chapter Three The Last Card Theme
222 Chapter Four The Center Card As A Key
228 Chapter Five The Magic Of Nine
233 Chapter Six The Simplest Version
238 Chapter Seven Ruses
243 Chapter Eight Out Of His Pocket
248 Chapter Nine His Secret Number
253 Chapter Ten Two Pile Tricks
258 Chapter Eleven Multi Pile Mysteries
261 Chapter Twelve One Of A Dozen
265 Chapter Thirteen Out Of The Encyclopedia
268 Chapter Fourteen Miscellaneous
276 Chapter Fifteen Two Person Revelations
283 Chapter Sixteen Calculations And Center Keys
287 Chapter Seventeen Advanced Use Of Center Keys