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Grant, U.F.: Zenith Master Mental Act
©1940 U.F. Grant
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 6 pages

©1977 Popular Magic Publications
Re-typeset version
Zenith Master Mental Act
Image courtesy eBay seller MagicCastleLibrary
Zenith Master Mental Act
Image courtesy eBay seller CosanostraMagic
U.F. Grant: Zenigh Master Mental Act

Comments: From the introduction; "This script reveals HOW to present this wonderful act and how it is accomplished. Veritable MIRACLES to any lay audience or committee. An act that will create more talk, mystery and attention than any other type of Magical offering. Appears to border on the real supernatural. The act consists of apparent real mindreading
and several super tests. All this is so flexible that you may be on the same program week in and week out and work a different test each time."

Contents (from older 6 page manuscript):

1 Introduction
1 Secret and Working of the Zenith Master Mental Act
3 Part Two - Special Tests With Well Known Persons
4 Advance Information
5 Television Thought Transcription