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Grant, U.F.: Valuable Information for Magicians
©1967 U.F. Grant
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages
Valuable Information for Magicians
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U.F. Grant: Valuable Information for Magicians

Comments: Another edition said 1947?


i Introduction
1 Summer & Winter Resort Hotels
2 Playing Cruises
3 Helping to Eliminate Free Shows
3 How to Routine a Magic Act or Show
4 Ideas for Salesmen Who Do Magic
5 Touring the World on Five Good Pocket Tricks
6 Having a Newspaper Sponsor Your Show
6 Having Stores Sponsor Your Show
7 How to Book & Sell Tickets by Phone
8 Program Method of Making Money
8 How to Create Interest
9 Playing Fairs
10 Playing Children Shows
11 Best Method of Booking School Assembly Shows
11 How to Get a List of Schools
12 Thurston's Secret Preparation
12 How to Originate Tricks
13 How to Write Your Own Patter
14 Correct Way to Hypnotize a Rabbit
15 Publicity Gag
15 The $200.00 Show Plan