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Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Magnets
©1935 U.F. Grant, Abbott Novelty Co., MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8 pages
Tricks with Magnets
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U.F. Grant: Tricks With Magnets

Comments: Some of these stunts are too obviously done by magnets, but there are some good ideas in here. Available as an ebook from Abbott's, and also included as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation Bag O' Tricks, which was edited by Gordon Miller.


1 Buddha Coin Mystery: coin vanishes and drops into a glass covered by a statue
1 Fortune Telling Coin: coin spells out answers to questions on a letter board
2 Cup Levitation: levitate a paper cup with a butter knife
2 Grant's Match Penetration: match penetrates a playing card
3 Mental Detection: magician can find Canadian nickle among American ones
3 Living & Dead Test: magician determines living billet among dead ones in envelopes
3 Clever Coin Vanish
4 Sliding Glue: cigarette adheres to vertical deck as cards are pulled out
4 Grant's Improved Sliding Glue: another version
5 Psychic Lock & Keys: magician finds only key that will open lock
5 Rising Cards & Wand: using shimmed cards
5 Coin Through Block: variation of the old S.S. Adams block, penny, and dime
6 Box - Cover & Coin: ideas using a magnetic box
6 Tip-See Pencil: pencil doesn't tip over
6 Improved Imp Bottle: another method
7 Improved Wands & Cords: idea for the Chinese Sticks
7 Stopping a Watch: not recommended for an expensive watch
7 Handkerchief Box: utility for ditching a handkerchief or other object
8 Rolling Cigarettes: Cigarettes roll toward each other or away
8 Nu-Koin: variation of the Coin Through Block
8 Magnetic Cigar: idea
9 Three Shell Game: very clever idea
9 Number Detection: magician tells what way a block was placed in a case
9 Mystery Man: man floats or rests in casket