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Grant, U.F.: Tricks for Kid Shows
©1951 Second Printing; Written and Illustrated by Don Tanner;
Published by U.F. Grant, Columbus, 4, Ohio
Printed by The New Phoenix Press
Paper, stapled, 24 pages
Grant: Tricks
              for Kids Shows
Image courtesy Magicref

Comments: "25 New, Good & Unusual Tricks Plus Free Supplement of Ideas - Gags - Advice." This small book is a collection of ideas for tricks and gags to use during magic shows for children. Some of the ideas are a bit questionable, such as purchasing a set of reading glasses for a boy to wear during your act to "make him a bit dizzy" and garner laughs, or the use of ammonia and sulfuric acid to create "smoke". Also, I think you need to be careful using "sucker" gags on children. You want them to enjoy the show, and should try to avoid making them appear to be foolish. There are some good ideas in here, too, though. Original Price $1.00.


3 The Atomic Bomb: an "exploding" prop. One of the "questionable" ideas. Use a "bingo device" to create an initial bang (these used to be sold by companies like S.S. Adams and could be hidden under something to create a "bang" when the object is lifted. Then it is suggested to use ammonia and sulfuric acid to create some smoke!
3 A Bag of Milk: Boy holds paper bag on his head, and milk is poured into the bag but doesn't leak through. An empty glass is placed in a hat. The bag is now taken from the boy's head, crushed to show empty, and the glass is removed from the hat, and the glass is full of milk. Uses a double wall glass from "Town House Magic Company" and a bottomless glass with inner shell.
4 Clearing the Head: Comedy with a milk pitcher. Milk is "poured" into a boy's ear, then his head is tilted and the milk pours out the other ear.
5 Sucker Torn Napkin: During a torn and restored napkin effect, the magician "accidentally" drops what appears to be the torn pieces. After the napkin in his hand is restored, the magician shows the napkin on the floor is also whole.
6 The Comedy Rabbit Trick: flat rabbit to a real one using a dove pan
6 Milk and Snakes: Using a snake can modified by drilling a hole in the top, the magician "fills" the can with milk from a milk pitcher. The milk is then produced on the other side of the stage using a Foo can, while a boy holds the can. The boy is asked to see if the can still has any milk in it and he opens the can to the usual surprise.
7 What! No Batteries: A penlight is used to show that a Phantom tube is empty. The tube is capped, a silk is vanished, and pulled from the tube where it has reappeared. Again the tube is capped, another silk is vanished, but to the dismay of the magician, does not appear in the tube. He uses the penlight to look more closely, but it doesn't work. He opens it up to investigate, and finds the silk inside.
7 The Magic Pipe: Pipe smokes by itself. Ammonia and sulfuric acid again.
8 The Pirate Knife: A knife appears to cut a boy's hand, but his hand wipes clean. A bit of "bizarre" magic for kid shows!
9 Beer to Coke: Beer bottle changes to coke in paper bag (uses collapsing bottle)
10 Yes, It's Real Water: Water appears in a glass (uses the "standard 'Milk Appear' outfit"). The water is shown to be real by pouring it into a glass held by a spectator, but the glass used is bottomless so the spectator gets wet! 
11 Toot-toot Horn: A horn toots at the whim of the magician (uses an assistant off stage)
11 Cinderella's Books: making your own "Magic Coloring Book" effect
11 Bubbles to Confetti: A bowl is filled with bubble liquid and a few bubbles are blown. Then the bowl is tossed toward the audience, but instead of soapy water, only confetti pours out.
12 Here and There: Basin of milk thrown at audience but confetti pours out. The milk has exchanged itself with a can of confetti shown earlier. Uses a Milk Pitcher and a "standard 'confetti to water and gold fish' glass". 
13 The Big Blow: A Balloon is burst in a paper bag, but when the boy blows toward the bag, the balloon is removed inflated again. 
13 The Educated Sling Shot: The magician points the sling shot with a steel pellet right at a glass, but with a boy standing between the weapon and the glass. The magician shoots the slingshot and the glass breaks, while the boy is unharmed. Uses an un-detailed apparatus to break the glass (controlled by an assistant)
14 The Gum Drop Tree: A "Square Circle" used to change gum drops into a gum drop tree
14 The Magic Ribbon: A ribbon is clearly cut in the middle, and a ring is passed onto one end of the cut ribbon. The ribbon is then restored, with the ring sliding easily across the ribbon.
16 Who's the Old Maid?: Old Maid cards are mixed up to hide the "Old Maid" and placed in a box. Three children (or could be more) are asked to come up on stage. The box is opened and each child takes a card. The magician knows which child is holding the "Old Maid" card. 
17 The Magic Pill: A pill is dropped into an envelope by a boy. The envelope is snipped open, and liquid is poured out. 
18 Magic Ice Cream: Ice cream from a Square Circle
18 Happy Birthday to You: Child pulls names from a bag, and always selects the "birthday" child's name! (Uses a change bag)
19 Kisses For the Girls: Girl is asked to make a wish and reach into a bag. Whatever she wishes for, she pulls out some Hershey "Kisses", to the amusement of the audience.
19 Magic Name Writing: Magic Slate idea to produce the "birthday" boy's name.
21 Supplement of Gags and Ideas: More hints and tips on working with children, such as: don't kill time, audience participation, what to say and what not to say, Anti-Gravico idea, U-Do-As-I-Do, using reading glasses, hand buzzer, and a few more.