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Grant, U.F.: Grant Presents Super Magical Secrets
©1930 (circa) U.F. Grant, MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4.5x6", 30 pages
Super Magical Secrets
Image courtesy eBay seller Bearmon0
U.F. Grant: Super Magical Secrets


Contents (from book):

1 Introduction (Max Holden)
3 Foreword (U.F. Grant)

5 Mecca: lit cigarettes produced from cards, and vanish in a handkerchief
7 Hindoo Rope and Rising Card: rope and then card selection rise from picture
9 Grant's Super Rope Trick: cut and restored
11 Pearls of Persia: stream of pearls removed from box are replaced by a rose, and pearls are found back in the box
13 Magic Hand and Mystic Rings: finger rings are removed, vanished, and reappear on a fake hand
15 Grant's Super Die Box: the sucker Die Box enhanced
17 A Bedtime Story: pig turns his head around
19 Sambo the Human Hen: "A new method of presenting eggs from the mouth"
21 Mah Jong Mystery Sticks: three stick signal method for two person act
23 - Code for Ages
24 - Code for Months
24 - Code for Dates on Coins
24 - Code for Items to be Described
25 - Code for Describing a Person
26 Super Prediction: two person mentalism
27 Vanishing Die and Appearing Girl: stage illusion
29 Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde: another stage illusion