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Grant, U.F., Don Tanner (editor): Rope, Chain and Box Escapes
©1960 (circa) U.F. Grant
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Rope, Chain and Box
Image courtesy e-Bay seller SickofChanging
U.F. Grant: Rope Chain and Box Escapes

Comments: Illustrated


1 Zella Master Tie
2 Cair Escape
2 Out Where the Vest Begins
4 The Escape Kings Coat
4 Padlocked Bag Escape
4 Escape from Any Handcuffs
5 Chain Escape
5 Comedy Escape
6 Spirit Thumb Tie
6 Transparent Bag Escape
7 Paper Bag Escape
7 Post Escape
8 Packing Box Escape
10 Another Packing Box Escape
11 Victory Escape or Substitution
11 Iron Chest Escape
12 Barrel Escape
12 Witches Broom and Rope Illusion
14 Challenge Handcuff Escape
15 Cross Escape
15 Stock Escape
17 Totem Pole Illusion
17 Substitution Trunk
19 Canvas Covered Trunk