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Grant, U.F.: Modern Levitations
©1930's (circa) U.F. Grant, L.D. & Co., London
Softcover, 14 pages
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Comments: Available as an e-Book from both and Note: there is also a book out there by U.F. Grant called "Six Modern Levitations"; I don't know how they differ.


i Foreword
1 Grant's Aerial Suspension: inexpensive simple levitation
2 - Latest Idea
3 Parlour Asrah Levitation: girl vanishes from ironing board
5 Best Yet Levitation: saw horse levitation
6 - Impromptu Method
9 Grant's Miracle Suspension: girls body rises with her head in full view
11 Surrounded Type: table rises with spectators sitting around it
13 Improved Super Levitation: magician can walk away from suspended girl