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Grant, U.F.: : Modern Illusions Plans - Secrets
©1974 O'Neal Magic
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 36 pages

Image courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: 14 Great illusions Fully Explained with Full Page Drawings Easy to Build Yourself. This manuscript was originally anonymously published, but was likely by U.F. Grant. There was an earlier version with only 11 Illusions, and the edition has 19 illusions (see second contents listing below), which adds Chen Lee's Laundry Bag, Girl in the Balloon, Torture of a Princess, and Witch's Broom & Rope illusions.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 The Ghost & Witch
2 The Gate Way Illusion
3 The Bunny Girl Illusion
4 The Victory Girl Production
5 Shooting Thru a Girl
6 Nu-Way Doll House
7 The Zig-Zag Illusion
8 Resista
9 Nu-Tronic Spirit Cabinet
10 Spot-Lite Girl Vanish
11 The Miracle Dove Act
12 Modern Sawing Thru a Girl
13 Superior Dove Vanish
14 Flat Model Head Vanish
15 Atomic Sight version:

4 Atomic Sight
5 The Bunny Girl Illusion
7 Chen Lee’s Laundry Bag Illusion
9 Flat Model Head Vanish
11 The Gate - Way Illusion
13 Ghost & Witch
16 Resista
18 The Miracle Dove Act
20 Modern Sawing Thru A Girl
22 Nu-Way Doll House
24 Nu-Tronic Spirit Cabinet
26 Shooting Thru A Girl
28 Spot-Lite Girl Vanish
30 Superior Dove Vanish
32 The Girl In The Balloon Illusion
34 Torture Of A Princess
38 The Victory Girl Production
40 Witch's Broom & Rope Illusion
42 The Zig Zag