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Grant, U.F.: Flash Magic
©1935, 1947 Lloyd E. Jones, Oakland, CA
Softcover, folded -manuscript, 9 pages
Flash Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MagicCollectiblesPlus
U.F. Grant Flash Magic

Comments: "A series of Eight Flash tricks for Club Performers, that depend on clever adaptations. Still, they pack in a small space and use ordinary items that most Magicians have or can easily procure from local stores at a very small cost." Also available as an ebook from Abbott's Magic, and is included as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation, "Bag O' Trix", edited by Gordon Miller.


1 Contents
2 A Chinese Holiday
3 The Phantom Goldfish
4 Say - When
5 Carnival Hat Load
6 Visible Silk Flight
7 Rainbow Fantasy
8 Lantern of the Air
9 Surprise Duck Trick