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Grant, U.F.: Chinese Magic and Illusions
©1960 (circa) Abbott's Magic Novelty Company, Colon, MI
Published in the U.K. by Supreme Magic, England
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 14 pages
Chinese Magic
              and Illusions
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Chinese Magic &
5.5x8.5" Edition
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Comments "Here is offered some fine Chinese magical effects. They have color and mystery and will appeal not only to the eye, but to the mind. They will insure return dates." The attribution to U.F. Grant is from The Conjuring Arts Research Center, as Abbott's republication does not mention Grant's name in the text.

Contents: (updated with comments Jan 2016; page numbers from 5.5x8.5" edition)

1 Chinese Screen Trick: using a 3-foot high screen
3 Chinese Rope Trick: cut and restored with assistant
4 Baskets - Confetti & Doves: simple stage basket illusion
5 Ribbon and Hat: Cut and restored
6 Parasol Production: using a parasol to hide a production item
7 Cylinder - Water & Fish: clever water pour into hollow cylinder
8 Parasol - Ball & Water: an apparent feat of balanced juggling
10 Cup - Silk & Smoke: silk vanishes and appears under smoke filled cup & saucer
10 Gong Silk Production: silks produced from center of a Gong
12 Copper Bowl Production: simple stage production
13 Chinese Lamp Trick: a lamp is vanished piece by piece and re-appears
15 Chinese Water Cups: clever water trick with Dixie cups
15 Mystery Foulard: multiple item production using a large silk
16 Here and There: a glass of milk transposes with a lemon
17 Sensational Bowl Production: bowl of fish production
19 Beads of Chen-Lee: variation of the Grandmother's Necklace beads & string trick
20 Chinese Chew Tobacco: gag where smoke pours out of your mouth, sounds a bit dangerous
20 Bamboo Pole & Box: clever production box
22 Flower Garden Illusion: full stage illusion
23 Screen Mystery: production box that can be packed flat