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Grant, U.F.: 25 Rising Card Tricks
©1970 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
25 Rising Card
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MagicVest
Grant, U.F. 25 Rising Card Tricks

Comments: "Based on material originally written by U.F. Grant and published by Nelmar Publications. Revised, updated and enlarged by Magic, Inc. 1970."


3 Bill's Favorite
4 Cog Wheel Principle
5 As Used by Vin Carey
6 Tom Sellers Origination
7 The Wire Gimmick
8 Moxie Trixter Riser
9 Hundred Dollar Card Rise
11 Card Thru Handkerchief
11 Springer's Method
12 Classic Method
13 Another Stage Method
15 Sam Bailey Card Rise
15 Rising Cards on Ribbon
16 Rising Cards on Ribbon II
17 Canadian Card Rise
19 Rising Card Box
21 German Card Rise
22 Challenge Card Rise
23 Sand Type of Rising Cards
24 Any Card Called For!
27 Wand Type of Rising Card
28 Clever Close Up Method
28 Goblet Method
29 Fan Method
30 Reilly's Rising Cards
34 Comedy Ideas in Rising Cards
34 Commercial Rising Card Tricks