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Gene Grant: Phantini's Greatest Mental Secrets
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Greatest Mental Secrets
©1984 Gene Grant
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Grant: Pahantini's Greatest Mental Secrets
Image courtesy eBay seller Ripley109


Contents (from book ToC):

2 Introduction
4 Miracle Pocket Dictionary Test
5 The Mystery of the Three Objects
6 Fibonacci Plus Phantini
7 Emotional Response
8 Tap-A-Phone
9 Ultimate Princess Routine
11 Cold Reader Billet Reading
13 The Nirvana Factor
15 Telepathic Unity
17 Masterpiece Mental Act
19 Mental Illusion Blindfold
21 The Mental Block
22 The Miracles of Dunninger
24 THe Future of Psychic Entertainment
27 Recent Phantini Publicity