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Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: The Blueprint Vol 1 July 1974-June 1975
©1975-1975 Barry Govan & Ian Baxter, Australia
Paper, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 51 pages
The Blueprint Volume One
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Comments: The Blueprint is Australia's own Sleight of Hand Magazine, published Monthly by Barry Govan and Ian Baxter, from 1974 to 1978, when it was handed over to Murray Cooper and Gerry McCreanor (info from Genii's MagicPedia). In my edition of the compiled volume 1, some of the pages have been inserted in the comb-binding out of order and backwards.


i Blueprint - A History (Barry Govan)

1 Vol 1 No 1 July 1974
1 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Intro
2 Your Card My Card (Anton York): Business card inserted in deck is next to selection
2 Thumb Flip Flourish (Barry Govan): for a coin
3 Blueprint In-Print (Ian Baxter): Harry Lorayne's Rim Shots brief review (thumbs up)
3 Back Clip Coins (Barry Govan): a visible coin change
4 Trio Surprise (Ian Baxter, Barry Govan): "Strictly for the budding cardician"

5 Vol 1 No 2 August 1974
5 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): about this issue
6 About Face (Anton York): cards mixed face down & face up, but selection becomes only face up card
6 Blueprint In-Print (Ian Baxter): Frank Garcia's Super Subtle Card Miracles reviewed (thumbs up)
7 Variations on a Circle (Barry Govan): for round cards
8 Super Transposition (Ian Baxter): Aces and Kings

9 Vol 1 No 3 September 1974
9 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): some new books and other news
10 Perfect Match (Jack McGlone): a gag effect
10 Blueprint In-Print (Ian Baxter): Maurice Rooklyn's "Spherical Sorcery & Recollections of a Pro" on billiard ball manipulation (thumbs up)
11 Perplexed (Barry Govan): selection is found in card case with a different color back
12 Cheeky Sponge Balls (Graham Etherington): in the spectator's hands

13 Vol 1 No 4 October 1974
13 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): ESP in the news, about this issue
14 Steve Walker's Sponge Ball Routine: more sponge balls
15 Sponge Ball Notes (Steve Walker): more tips
15 Blueprint In-Print (Ian Baxter): A.D. Livingstone's "How to Cheat at Cards and Catch Your Friends Doing It" reviewed (thumbs up)
16 Olympic Coins (Barry Govan): Three different colored coins are placed in the hand and turn to gold (no gimmicks)
16 Turn Over Flourish (Ian Baxter): flip a card face up with one hand

17 Vol 1 No 5 November 1974
17 The Blueroom: Hugard's book reprint, learning card tricks, about this issue, etc.
18 Best Look Book Test (Jack McGlone): sneaky book test
19 The Odd Ace (Jack McGlone): An "odd" Ace keeps showing up
19 Thought Card Stab (Jack McGlone): a knife stab finds duplicate of selection in a 2nd deck
20 Australian Monte (Jack McGlone): A Royal Flush changes to four tens (top change)

21 Vol 1 No 6 December 1974
21 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Some corny jokes, the year of the re-print, and more news
22 The Blueprint on Triumph (Barry Govan): section with four variations on Dai Vernon's Triumph effect:
22 - Pancake Triumph: inspired by Marlo's Simple Triumph
22 - Swindle Triumph: another version
23 - Half Shuffle Triumph: with a double climax
24 A-2-3-4 (Danny Tong): four card elevator
24 A-2-3-4 Color Change: another version
24 A-2-3-4 Selection: yet another

25 Vol 1 No 7 Jan 1975
25 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Magic in Australia
26 Magnetic Pen (Ian Buckland): borrowed pen clings to the hand and is "blown" off at the end
26 Misdirection Coin Production (Barry Govan): four coin production (seated)
27 Signature Variations (Ian Baxter): selection transposition
27 Blueprint In-Print: Jerry Mentzer's Close-Up Cavalcade (thumbs up)
28 Mid-Air Ball Color Change (Peter Rodda): billiard ball move
28 Important Subscriber Notice: new address

29 Vol 1 No 8 February 1975
29 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Robert Louis Stevenson's four essential for effective speaking
30 Phony Triumph (Ian Baxter): a sneaky method for magicians
30 Blueprint In-Print: Jim Magus' Sex and the Single Magician (funny book)
31 Blackjack Sandwich (Jerry Mentzer): a sandwich effect
32 Signature (Dan Tong): another signature card effect
32 The Floater (Ian Baxter): a quick flourish

33 Vol 1 No 9 March 1975
33 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Mention of Ian Buckland, and news about this issue
34 Commercial Coins Through Table (Allan Carmichael): may need to substitute for the coins in the USA
36 King Transposition (Alan Carmichael): Red and Black Kings transpose
36 Blueprint In-Print: Eddie Fechter's Magician Nitely book (positive review)
37 Crazy Card Control (Alan Carmichael): inspired by Harry Lorayne's Inseperable Four

38 Vol 1 No 10 April 1975
38 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): Another corny joke, more news
38 Blueprint In-Print (Ian Baxter): Ed Marlo's The Unexpected Card Book review (positive)
39 The T.G. False Cut (Tom Gagnon): fasle cut
40 Visual Finders (Tom Gagnon): selected cards change to other selections, with two endings
42 Triumph Surpassed (Tom Gagnon): with notes on alternate ending on on the two card control

44 Vol 1 No 11 May 1975
44 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): thinking like a layman
45 Chameleon Jacks (Richard Bovington): Jacks change to Jokers
45 Blueprint In-Print (Allan Carmichael): Scott Hollingsworth's "Cashing In With Close Up" review - no tricks, but good information on salesmanship
46 Okito Box Routine (Danny Tong): four coins and the box
46 Palm Coin Vanish (Barry Govan): for a single coin
47 Tax Collectors (Dan Tong): collectors plot

48 Vol 1 No 12 June 1975
48 The Blueroom (Barry Govan, Ian Baxter): end of year (volume) wrap-up
49 The Blueprint (Keith Cook): a series of effects by Keith Cook
49 - First Effect: magician draws card selected by spectator
49 - Second Effect: simple force
50 - Third Effect: finger guessing
50 - Fourth Effect: gag Three Card Monte
51 Blueprint In-Print (Barry Govan): Quick reviews of lecture notes - Low Cunning (Alex Elmsley); Milton Korts Lecture Notes; Ed Marlo's Lecture Notes; and Fred Kaps Lecture Notes.

52 The Blueprint Index July 1974 - June 1975