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Gordon, Paul: Nocturnal Creations
©1997 Paul Gordon, Natzler Enterprises, U.K.
Softcover, 160 pages
ISBN: 0-9529045-19
Nocturnal Creations
Image courtesy eBay seller EarlofMansfield
Paul Gordon: Nocturnal Creations

Comments: The Impromptu Card Illusions of Paul Gordon, 53 illustrations

Contents (from eBay description, sorry no page numbers after 38):

9 Dedication
10 Preface (David Clake, MMC)
11 Foreword (Roger Crosthwaite)
14 Introduction (Paul Gordon)

17 The Perfect Heist
22 A Kick In The Head
24 The Natzler Queens
27 Persistent Pasteboards
30 Whispering Grass
32 Play It Straight Into The Wallet
34 Hoary-Old-Thing Presentation
36 Flabbergasted
38 Fo(u)rtified
Pins And Needles
The Ultimate Transposition
The Bride Of McBride
Psychotronic Rides Again
Needle In A Haystack
Touch Thrice Removed
Seventh Child
Session Ace-Cutting
Chameleon Card
Olrams Tardis
Demonic Prodigy
The Gordon Diary Trick
Millennium Collectors
Collectors For Gurus
The Bed-Sit Mystery
Fantasy Gambling Demonstration
Persistent Pasteboards
Every-No And Where-Where
1001 Options
Nervous Breakdown
Flushing Out The Aces
Over Here? Of Course Not!
Life On Mars
Instant Flash Display
IFD Kings
Hydrochloric X-Periment
Erdnase With Less Milk
Gemini Collectors
Look, Take, Think!
50% Faro Placement
LeCarre-Style Departure
The Jackson Five
The King Larry Aces
Tag-Team Aces
The Twister
Easy Ace Estimation