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Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust
©2012 Paul Gordon
Hardcover, 352 pages
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Paul Gordon: Gold Dust

Comments: Volume 1 of the Gold Dust Trilogy. Available from, and Vanishing Inc. From the publisher; "The Gold Dust Trilogy contain the very best of Paul's work. Gold Dust contains 150 routines over 352 pages. Gold Dust Companion contains 120 routines over 225 pages. Gold Dust Finale contains 74 routines over 128 pages...The Older material has been re-written, updated, improved and each trick has added nuances born of years of performing experience. Even if you own the older out-of-print original books, there is much new here including over 120 new tricks created in the last few years. The tricks are workers. Easy to semi-advanced..."

Contents (Source Paul Gordon's promotional PDF):

13 Head To Head Poker: Table/Gambling
15 Hellman’s Aces: Strolling
17 Worker Ambitious Classic: Table
20 That’s Odd: Trade
22 Mars Life: Table
24 Simplex IML: Table
25 The Hemeroid Effect #4: Table
26 Costa’s Aces: Table
27 The Session Stunner: Table
30 A Mystic Seven Phase: Table
31 A Mystic Seven Phase #2: Table
32 Double Jeopardy: Table
34 The Eight of Diamonds Trick: Strolling
37 The Amazing Four-Card Trick: Strolling
39 The Muldoon Match: Trade
41 Fry Them With Oil And Water: Table
45 Layman Assembly: Table
50 A Predictable Stroll #2: Strolling
52 Thoughts On The Clock Trick: Table
53 Caused Effect: Table
55 Peter’s Foursome: Table
57 Stud!: Table/Gambling
61 Powerhouse: Table
63 Dazzler Strikes Back: Strolling
66 Unusual Method Oil & Water: Table
68 Two Surprises For Two: Table
69 This One, That One and a Bit Extra!: Strolling/Adult
72 A Load Of Old Blarney: Table
74 Synchronicity #3: Table
78 Diminishing? Not Likely: Strolling
83 Psychotronic Rides Again: Table
87 Psychotronic Rides Once More: Table
90 Twister: Strolling
94 Totally Baffling Card Control: Table
96 Eureka!: Table
98 Ten To Twenty Revelation: Table
100 Easy Ace Estimation: Table/Gambling
103 Twin Peeks: Mentalism
109 The Nero Trick: Table
111 The Main Thrust: Table
112 A Carbon Footprint: Trade
115 Tag Team Aces: Table
116 The Bed Sit Mystery: Table/Adult
119 A Divine Palms Departure: Table
121 Now, That’s A Stunner!: Table
123 The Perfect Heist: Table
127 Four-Card Repeat Poker: Table/Gambling
128 Knock Them Dead: Strolling
130 Impromptu Mars Life: Table
132 The Seventeen Principle: Table
138 Four – Seven – Eight – Nine: Table
138 Fooling Alex: Table
139 Still Flabbergasted: Strolling
141 Paul Gordon’s Swing Aces: Table
144 Four Ace Puzzler: Table
145 Merely Thought-of Card Miracle #2: Strolling/Mentalism
147 Memory, Estimation & Magic: Table
150 My Magic Card: Table
151 Hot Flush: Table
152 The Dudeney Principle: Table
161 Dudeney’s Baby Boy: Table
163 Tipsy Aces: Strolling
165 The Biggest Liar of Them All: Table
167 Faro Flush Out: Table
169 Ace Tumblers: Table
171 Pseudo Smyth’s Myth: Table
172 The Unwanted Visitor: Strolling
174 Those Leaping Aces: Table
175 South By Southwest: Table
178 Brothel K(r)eepers: Table
179 Accentuated Aces: Table
181 Gemini Quads: Table
182 Gordon’s Aces: Table
183 Exploring The Ramassee Principle: Table
191 Perfect Prediction Premonition: Table
194 ITHEC & Twisting The Aces: Strolling
199 Elle Vate: Table
200 Spectator Cut Christ Aces: Table/Gambling
204 Oh? See Williams: Strolling
205 Taser Ace Production: Table
207 Bluff Jay Bee: Strolling
209 Jim Nastic Jokers: trolling
213 Shocked Aces: Table
215 The Time of My Life: Table
217 Thought Stealer Rethought: Table
219 Tricky Quickie: Table
221 Nomadic Aces: Table
224 Taking The Rise #2: Table
225 Effected Cause: Table
227 Discombobulated: Table
229 Prediction Supreme: Table
232 Fo(u)rtified: Table
233 The Ultimate Transposition: Strolling
236 Millennium Collectors: Table
240 Tengard: Table
242 Lighter Than A Feather: Strolling
244 World’s Best Card Trick: Strolling
245 Strollers Delight: Strolling
248 Dr Daley, I Presume?: Strolling
250 Paul Gordon’s Ambitious Card Routine: Strolling
253 What A Kick: Table
255 What A Triple Kick: Table
258 What A Flushed Kick: Table
259 That’s Not Possible: Table
260 Fairly Sexy: Table
262 The Three and a Half of Clubs Trick: Strolling
264 Patrol Dawn: Table
265 Eight Spot Locator: Table
267 Flush Out The Oil & Water: Table
269 Four For Poker: Gambling/Table
270 Bloody Crazy: Table
271 If You Go To Las Vegas: Table
273 Impromptu Change of Mind: Table
275 Truly Nocturnal #2: Table
279 Gobsmacking Two Speccy Fooler: Table
281 FAL Reset: Table
283 PG’s Ambitious BOB: Strolling
285 The Gordon Diary Trick:Strolling/Mentalism
289 The Emulsion Complex: Table
292 Triple Kick Monte: Strolling/Gambling
295 The Sting: Table
297 Spectrum: Strolling
299 OMG!: Strolling
301 Four Card Fooler: Strolling
303 Copwaked Minor: Strolling
305 Flim Flam: Strolling
307 Jeepers Creepers: Strolling/Gambling
308 The Killer Observation Test: Table
310 All Backs Triple Kicker: Strolling
313 Aces For Openers: Table
313 Cavorting Reds & Blacks: Table
315 The Corner of Piccadilly: Strolling/Gambling