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Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Companion
©2012 Paul Gordon
Hardcover, 128 pages
              Dust Finale
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Paul Gordon: Gold Dust Finale

Comments: Volume 3 of the Gold Dust Trilogy. Available from, and Vanishing Inc.. From the publisher; "The Gold Dust Trilogy contain the very best of Paul's work. Gold Dust contains 150 routines over 352 pages. Gold Dust Companion contains 120 routines over 225 pages. Gold Dust Finale contains 74 routines over 128 pages...The Older material has been re-written, updated, improved and each trick has added nuances born of years of performing experience. Even if you own the older out-of-print original books, there is much new here including over 120 new tricks created in the last few years. The tricks are workers. Easy to semi-advanced..."

Contents (from promotional PDF table of contents):

15 Surprise Jazz: Table
17 75% Confident: Table
18 Double Gemini: Table
20 Petween The Balms: Table
21 One-Millionth O’Henry: Table
25 Kaneaces: Strolling
26 Acid DNL: Strolling
28 Soggy Sandwich: Table
29 Invisible Ink: Strolling
31 Grasshopper: Strolling
32 Miss Terry Card: Table
34 TUP(A)CT: Strolling
36 Shocked Aces Sans Selections: Table
38 Four-Ace Opener: Strolling
38 The Deaf Dealer: Strolling
39 Tribute To Roger Curzon: Strolling
40 Undoing Simon: Table
42 Predictable: Table
43 The Eye-Popper: Table
45 Not Too Far: Table
46 Killer Mystery Card: Table
47 Recollecting: Table
49 Minding Your P’s and Q’s: Table
51 Sneaky Switch: Strolling
53 The Sad Tale of Great Uncle Reg: Table
55 Jack-Ro-Aces: Table
57 Flippin’ Aces: Table
58 The Aces Capitulate: Strolling
62 Smack In The Face: Strolling
64 Roily Flush: Table
65 Illogical Trost: Strolling
66 Marked Cards: Table
67 Amazing, Isn’t It?: Table
69 Heavenly Roads: Table
70 Aurora Borealis: Strolling
71 Fixed Reset: Table
72 Universal Powers: Table
74 Mirror-Skill: Table
75 The Red Herring Strikes Back: Strolling
77 Startling Location: Table
79 Royal Double-Backed Flush: Strolling
80 Tenkai Sandwich: Table
81 Carbonated Footprint: Table
82 Painful Aces: Table
83 Omega Surprise: Strolling
84 Kingly Aces: Table
85 Double Hellmans: Table
87 The Famous Fives;Table
89 Supersonic Flush: Table
89 The Somersaulting Aces Collect: Table
91 Flushing The Four Kings: Gambling
92 Play It Poker: Gambling
93 Illogical And Discrepant Collectors: Table
94 The Fraces Trick: Table
96 What The Heck!: Table
97 The Aces Collect: Table
98 Hey Presto: Table
99 Predictable Kaps: Strolling
101 Visitations;Table
102 Black Gold: Table
103 Bamboozled: Table
106 Aces Spell Kings: Table
107 Guard Of Honour: Table
110 Blackjack And Poker: Gambling
111 Royal Poker: Gambling
113 Surprised Johann: Table
115 Kick The Spectator On Stage: Table
117 Fairground Attraction #2;Gambling
118 BMW: Table
121 Strolling Hofzinser: Strolling
122 Cardcase Killer: Table
123 Fascin(ace)tion: Table