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Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Companion
©2012 Paul Gordon
Hardcover, 215  pages
              Dust Companion
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Paul Goordon: Gold Dust Companion

Comments: Volume 2 of the Gold Dust Trilogy. Available from, and Vanishing Inc.. From the publisher; "The Gold Dust Trilogy contain the very best of Paul's work. Gold Dust contains 150 routines over 352 pages. Gold Dust Companion contains 120 routines over 225 pages. Gold Dust Finale contains 74 routines over 128 pages...The Older material has been re-written, updated, improved and each trick has added nuances born of years of performing experience. Even if you own the older out-of-print original books, there is much new here including over 120 new tricks created in the last few years. The tricks are workers. Easy to semi-advanced..."

Contents (from Paul Gordon promotional PDF):

11 Darned Pain In The Neck: Table
13 Oracle Moracle Miracle: Table
14 An Oracled Royal Flush: Table
14 Poker Perfect: Table/Gambling
16 A Lesson in Acting: Table
18 A Nice Four-Ace Trick: Table
19 Kings Aces Flushes: Table/Gambling
21 You Do As Each Other Do: Table
23 A Dazzling Flush: Strolling
23 Easy Spell A Royal: Table
25 The Drunken Bridge Player Plus: Table/Gambling
27 This Is What Magicians Do: Table
28 Carnival Con: Table/Gambling
31 Four Ace Startler With King Kicker: Table
33 44 Years Later: Table
34 Lo-Fat Spectrum: Strolling
37 No Pockets Ultimate Transposition: Table
40 Dickie Dai Die: Table
41 Cardman’s Twisting The Aces: Strolling
43 Sloshed or Sober: Table
44 Psychedelic Foursome: Strolling
47 Out of This Stratosphere: Table/Mentalism
53 Quid Pro Quo: Table
55 The Laid Back Lazy Card Trick: Table
56 The Poker Player’s Alfresco Soiree: Table/Gambling
58 The Phantom Card Returns: Table
60 The Exploration: Table
62 The Myriad Miracle: Strolling
64 Copwak: Strolling
66 Faster Than TSOL Poker Stack: Gambling
68 Dream Away: Strolling
70 Mirror-Skill: Table
71 Bedazzling Colours: Table
75 Penelope’s Estimation Plus: Table
77 Plain Penelope: Table
78 Shocked Flush: Table
80 Flushed Oil Slick: Table
83 Rainbow Emulsion: Strolling
85 The Cursed Gypsy: Strolling/Gambling
90 The Lady Vanishes: Table
92 Penelope’s Distant Cousin: Table
93 Face Up Sixteenth-Card Fooler: Table
95 Impromptu Baby Dudeney: Table
96 More Exploring Of The Nine-Card Principle: Table
98 Prediction Super-Supreme: Table
101 Baffling Aces: Table
102 A Trick for Armitage Shanks: Strolling
103 Aces Selection Kicker: Table : 103: Table
106 Ad Infinitum Not Ad Nauseum: Table
108 Much Much Further Than That!: Table : Table :
110 Twisted Colours: Strolling
112 The World’s Most Incredible Card Trick: Table
113 For The Boys # 2: Table
114 Stepping-Stone Force: Table
117 Numerology Totology: Table
118 Hocus Pocus: Table
119 No F In Way: Table
121 YKM!: Strolling
121 Sneaking Up: Strolling
123 It’s Not Unusual: Table
125 Miracle Ace Spell: Table
127 Sneaky Lie Detector: Table
130 Play Your Cards Right: Table
132 Strike More Than A Match: Table/Trade
133 You Little Liar: Table
137 Seven Plus A Whole Lot More: Table
138 Carbon Footprint Prediction: Table
143 French Rabbits: Strolling
145 The Calendar Trick: Table
146 Drunks!: Strolling
147 This Takes The Biscuit: Strolling
148 A Gem Of A Trick: Table
150 Illogical & Discrepant Endfield Vanish: Strolling
151 Multi-Tasking: Table
152 Double Waikiki: Table
153 The Ipcress Secret: Table
155 Mini Thrice: Table
158 Marvellous Mathematics: Table
159 Odd Looking: Table
160 Hogarth’s Aces: Table
161 Prophetic Prophesy: Table
163 Wedded Bliss: Strolling
164 Erdnase With Less Milk: Gambling
166 That’s A Blast: Table
170 Stranger In Paradise: Table
171 The Comedy Card Trick: Table
173 Call 9999: Table
174 Piatnik: Table
175 Room 4567: Table/Story
176 Blockbuster Finale: Table
178 A Boy’s Own Thriller: Table
179 The Wimbledon Card Trick: Table
180 The Curse of Scotland Returns: Table
183 Gadzooks!: Table
185 The Audition: Strolling
186 Find The Lady: Strolling
188 Oil And Water Rainbow: Strolling
191 Flushed Surprise: Strolling
192 It’s A Miracle: Table
193 IFC Treatment: Strolling
196 King For A Day: Table
197 Swindler: Gambling
198 Arcardian: Table
201 The King of Card Cheats: Gambling
202 Let’s Twist Again: Table
205 Stebbinations: Table
205 Impromptu Pokertell: Table
206 Poker Duck: Table
207 The Paul Gordon Card Control: n/a
208 Cyclic Creativity: Table
212 The Secret of Cheating at Cards: Gambling