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Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Miracles
©2001 Paul Gordon, Natzler Enterprises, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, A5, 36 pages
Card Magic Miracles
Image courtesy eBay seller Ltb_34
Paul Gordon: Card Magic Miracles

Comments: From the Publisher: "All of Paul Gordon's publications on card magic are best-sellers. This one, ‘Card Magic Miracles’, is proving to be the most popular. It contains ten top card tricks and one important essay. One of the tricks, Twin Peeks, is worth more than the price of the whole book. It's simply a of the author’s best and most popular tricks.”


9 Introduction
10 Coach House Creation
12 Hooray for Hawkes
14 Oddly Effective
16 The Mahaan Gemini
19 The Millennium Bug
21 Whodunnit Reappraised
23 Twin Peeks
27 Tips & Techniques
30 Big Brother's Bonanza
33 Ninety-Three Sixty-Two Year Olds
35 Business Card Blockbuster
37 Final Word