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Gordon, Henry: Henry Gordon's World Of Magic, Revealed!
©1989 Stoddart Publishing
Hardcover, 169 pages
Henry Gordon's World of Magic
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Henry Gordon: Henry Gordon's World of Magic

Comments: A Magician's Calling-How I came to Magic, Great Magicians I Have Known Plus Profiles of Houdini, Henning & Copperfield, The Mysteries Of Magic, How you can perform wondrous Feats of Illusion.

Contents (Chapters Only, number are not page numbers):

1 Part I: My World of Magic:
2 The Early Days
3 The Fraternity
4 The Conventions
5 Magical Meanderings

6 Part II: Magicians Past and Present:
7 The History of Magic
8 Great Magicians of the Past
9 Leading Magicians of the Present

10 Part III: Magic for Everyone:
11 Card
12 Money
13 Mental
14 Miscellaneous Tricks
15 Magical Presentation