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Gordon, Brad (Scarnecky): Room 538
©2010 Stone Cold Magic
e-Book, 94 pages
Room 538
Image from Stone Cold Magic
Brad Gordon: Room 538


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Corkboard: prediction effect
2 Toddler Pack: using a deck destroyed by a toddler, magician can still use it for magic
3 Bold Matchbook Bolder Approach and Bold Matches
4 Trans-Sticker: A "safer" version of Jim Pace's The Web
5 Purposive Reverie: comedic routine
6 Monk: a prediction effect based on the TV series
7 Reveal Your Design: an icebreaker using unique-backed cards
8 Forgettable Prediction: approach to the classic Magician In Trouble Plot
9 Confidence Game: large crowd opener
10 Wallet Readings: prediction in wallet effect
11 Butterflower: Chop Cup Routine
12 Match Box: Is the match box feather-light or heavy?
13 Spend & Fuarter: Spoon and coin bending all rolled into one
14 Thought Rose (with Jerome Finley): mind reading
15 693: a completely out your hands experiment where your spectator does all of the work (cards)
16 Luck of Astonishment: Based on the effect Shape of Astonishment by Paul Harris. You must have a previous understanding of Shape of Astonishment to understand this bonus idea.