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Goodwin, Bill & Larry Jennings: Up In Smoke
©2005 Larry Jennings
Softcover, stapled, 61 pages
              in Smoke
Image courtesy DiamondsMagic
Larry Jennings & Bill Goodwin: Up In Smoke

Comments: Around 2005, Bill Goodwin rewrote Larry Jennings' Up in Smoke, which was originally written in the early 1990's by Robert Parker. The effects were rewritten, with added photos, and two new effects.

Contents (Courtesy Denis Beh'r Conjuring Archive):

1 A Handy Transformation: selection is supposed to be sandwiched between four cards held by spectator but only the selection is found
4 Estimated Toss: tossed card becomes the selection
7 Magician Makes Good
11 Gambler's Kings to Magician's Pockets: Kings to Aces, Kings from Pockets
17 Flawed Transposition: Kings and Aces Transpose, then they all become Kings
21 K.J.V. Oil And Water: combining the ideas of Ray Kosby, Dai Vernon, and himself.
28 Oil And Water: classic plot
36 Hip Pocket Prediction: prediction card locates a selection
38 Jokers and Jacks
41 Tahoe Triumph version of Bill Simon's Four Packet Shuffle
45 New Outstanding Triumph: Larry's stand-up version of the classic Dai Vernon effect
50 Up In Smoke: four-of-a kind removed from the deck, vanish, and are produced from pockets
56 Slow Motion Card to Number: selected card to any number
60 Three On a Match: a pair of mates and 4 Kings are found