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Good, Arthur: Magical Experiments or Science In Play
©1892 Worthington Co., NY
Hardcover, 320 pages plus catalogue
Magical Experiments or Science In Play
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Arthur Good: Magical Experiements or Science In Play

Comments: Science experiments, many with a magical twist. This was republished in an abridged format in 1977.


5 To My Son Johnnie
7 Preface (Robert Waters)

9 Experiments in Physics
9 The Plate on the Point of the Needle
11 The Egg That Will Stand Up
13 One Way of Halving a Pear
15 How to Pierce a Pin With a Needle
17 The Housekeeper's Terror
19 How to Pierce a Nickle With a Needle
21 The Diving Bell
23 A Bottle, or an Acrobat?
25 The Bottle in Peril
28 The Barrel and the Bottle; or the Automatic Cellarman
30 Eruption of Vesuvius
32 Water Changed Into Wine
35 The Champagne Devil
38 The Intelligent Fish
40 A Remarkable Candlestick
42 How to Weight a Letter With a Broomstick
44 Soap Bubbles and Carbonic Acid Gas
47 The Camphor Scorpion
49 Hydraulic Turntable of Nuts
51 The Revolving Siphon
53 The Miniature Steamship
55 The Bottle Cannon
57 The Paper Swimming Fish
59 The Power of the Breath
61 The Jumping Coin
63 The Automatic Butterfly
65 Centrifugal Force - Whirling a Glass of WAter Without Spilling a Drop
67 The Waltzing Egg
69 The Pressure of the Atmosphere
72 The Water Pendulum
74 Lifting a Glass With the Palm of the Hand
76 A New Way to Empty a Glass
78 The Metamorphosis of a Soap-Bottle
81 Hung Without a Rope
83 In Water, but Not Wet
85 How to Make Pins and Needles Float
87 The Economical Compass
87 Collision of Two Mimic Ironclads
89 Rotation of the Earth
91 How to Float Corks Vertically
93 The Dancing Jack in the Looking Glass
95 The Eye in the Back of the Head
97 New Chinese Shadows
99 Theatricals In a Mirror
101 The Living Shadow
103 The Disappearing Gold Piece

105 Complementary Colors
105 The Devil in Green
107 The Tricolored Star
109 The Spinning Pin
111 The Family Lottery
113 The Broken Looking Glass
115 Stage Equilibrists
117 The Electrified Envelope
119 Lamp-Glass, or Electric Machine?
121 Experiments in Primary Electro-Magnetism
124 The Punishment of Tantalus
125 Butting the Wall
127 A Very Awkward Broomstick
129 The Five Straw Trick
130 To Lift Fifteen Matches With One
132 The Bent Match Problem
134 The Infernal Machine
136 The Magic Javelin
138 How to Make a Lamp Chimney Smoke a Cigarette
140 The Pyramid of Glasses
142 The Triplet Glasses
144 The Bottle on the Keys
146 The Improvised Plate Support
147 A Pair of Scales Made Out of Threads
149 The Steelyard Balance
151 Candlestick and Watch-Stand
153 The Magic Ball
155 A Novel Vaporizer
156 The Blown Out Candle Re-Lighted
158 Unconscious Movements
160 The New Shadowgraphy

167 Gravity
167 The Obedient and the Disobedient Egg
169 The Mannikins
171 The Bird on the Branch
173 A Rolling Body Goes Up-Hill
175 Foucault's Pendulum
177 Equillibrium of Superimposed Fluids
179 Oil Sauce to Everybody's Taste
181 The Egg in Salt Water
183 The Ghost of a Lump of Sugar
185 The Microbe Bottle Imp
187 Density of Carbonic Acid Gas
189 The Candle In the Lamp Chimney
191 How to Make a Banana Pee Itself
193 The Jet of Wter in a Vacuum
195 The Revenge of the Danaides
197 The Intermitting Fountain
200 Automatic Drinking Fountaikn for Fowls
202 Wine Spouting From Water
205 Wine Changed to Water
207 The Cup of Tantalus

209 Centrifugal Force
209 The Flattening of the Earth at the Poles - Its Rotundity at the Equator
212 How to Distinguish at Sight a Hard Boiled Egg From a Raw One
214 Gold Washing
216 The Greedy Matches
218 Russian Mountains

220 Elasticity and Compressibility of Gases
220 The Compressed-Air Pistol
222 The Shooting-Tube
224 The Tractable Balloon
226 The Jumping Coin
228 How Not to Blow Out the Candle

229 Heat
229 The Broken Bottle
231 The Sliding Railway
233 A Hammer Made of Water
235 An Improvised Hygroscope

237 Acoustics
237 The Musical Glass
239 Breaking a Glass With the Voice

240 Electricity
240 The Magical Arrow
243 The Electroscope
245 Rotation of a Horizontal Wheel Before a Magnet

248 Optics
248 Reflection of Light On the Surface of Transparent Bodies
250 The Magical Box
253 Double Convex and Double Concave Lenses
255 Cutting a Thread Hung in a Bottle
257 The Wish-Bone Experiment
259 Making the Bird Enter the Cage
261 Moving Shadows

264 Practical Geometry
264 Lineal Drawing Without Instruments
266 Superposable Figures
268 The Five Pointed Star
270 The Square of the Hypothenuse
273 Tracing an Oval With an Ordinary Compass
275 The Surface of the Sphere

277 Amusing Feats
277 The Knife-Grinder
279 The Scissors Feat
281 The Enervator
283 An Awkward Fix
285 The Floating Candle
287 The Eatable Night-Light
289 The Smoker's Illusion
291 Cutting Glass With a Pair of Scissors
293 The Coin That Cannot Be Removed
295 Effaceable Ink
297 A Modern Catapult
299 Finger Exercises
301 Fantastic Soap-Bubbles
303 Crocodiles' Tears
306 The Traitorous Glass

308 Little Feats of Amateurs
308 Japanese Kites
310 The Automatic Extinguisher
312 Illustrated Candles
314 The Nut-Cracker
316 Construction of the Lily of the Valley
318 The Horse-Chestnut as a Night Light
320 The Hypnotized Egg
322 The Dancing-Jacks

327 Index

330 Worthington Company's Catalogue: 22 pages