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Goldston, Will: The Young Conjuror
A Book for Amateurs

1910 A.W. Gamage Ltd., London
E.F. Dutton, NY
Hardcover, 107 pages
The Young Conjuror
E.F. Dutton Edition
Image courtesy e-Bay seller SorcererGuy

Comments: This was the first of two volumes for beginning magicians. There was also a later edition titled "The Young Conjurer, Part 1", but with different contents (note 'Conjuror' changed to 'Conjurer'). This first volume includes advertisements from the Gamage catalog.

Contents (updated Feb 2017)

3 Introduction
6 Hints for Young Conjurors
7 The Mysterious Flying Card
8 Mystic Illumination
9 The "Havit" Coin Trick
10 Novel Disappearing Card
11 How to Balance a Wine Glass on a Playing Card
12 The Bat Mystery
13 To Instantly Knot Two Handkerchiefs when Thrown in Mid-Air
14 An Excellent Coin Trick
15 Hat-Lifting Apparatus
16 A Handkerchief Produced from Bare Hands
17 A Good Torn Wand
18 A New Card-Reading Trick
19 The Target and Bird-Cage Illusion
20 The Gamage Key Mystery
21 The Mystic Bottle
22 The Disappearing Balls and Glass Tube
23 Production of a Glass Bowl with Feet from a Borrowed Handkerchief
24 A Clever Thought-Reading Trick
25 The Rabbit Saucepan
26 Flower Pot produced from a Borrowed Hat
27 Paper-Tearing Designs
28 How to Make and Onion Bag from a Sheet of Paper
29 The Fakir's Bands of Paper
30 Jacob's Ladder
31 Sheets of Paper Transformed Into a Fir Tree
32 The Secret of Paper Tearing
33 Ta-Li-Tao
34 Balancing Made Easy
35 Handkerchief Produced form Empty Hands, Then Vanished and Reproduced from the Flame of a Burning Candle
36 A Wine Glass Servante
37 A Silk Handkerchief Suddenly Changes Into an Egg
38 Bran Changed to Sweets
38 Paper You Cannot Burn
39 Vanishing Egg in Cup
40 The Magician's Money Box
40 A Good Slate Trick
41 A Borrowed Coin Made to Disappear
42 Second Sight and Mind Reading Methods
44 Penknife Through the Finger
45 Flower Production
46 Biting a Button off a Person's Coat
47 To Make a Match Box Rise or Fall at Command
47 A Novel Trick
48 A Dancing Policeman
50 Coin Palming
51  The Purse Trick Exposed
51 The Obedient Egg
53 The Comet
55 Useful Servantes and Traps for Tables and Chairs
56 Manacle Release
57 The Card and Dice Change
58 Diminishing and Vanishing Card
59 The "Hey Presto" Watch Box
60 An Easy Palm
61 The Going, Going, Gone! Coin  Trick
62 The Continuous Back and Front Palm
63 A Thimble Mystery
64 Diamond Made While You Wait
65 Talking Hands
67 Dialogue
68 Hand Shadows and How to Work Them
69 Finger Exercises
70 Shadows
81 Chapeaugraphy
93 Elocution
96 Paper Folding