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Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer Part One
©1919 Will Goldston, 2nd Edition, Revised
Will Goldston, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 94 pages
The Young Conjurer Part 1
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Will Goldston, The Young Conjurer, Part One

Comments: This second edition, revised, has different contents than the original "The Young Conjuror - A Book for Amateurs" of 1910. Note the different spelling of 'Conjuror' vs. 'Conjurer'.


6 How to Give a Conjuring Entertainment
7 The Magic Billiard Ball
8 Paper Cone and Glass Casket
10 The Floating Disc
12 The Farthings and Tape
14 The Flight op Coins
16 The Enchanted Coins
20 Two Pennies and a Tumbler
21 The Enchanted Die
22 The Jumping Peg
24 The Coin, The Ring, and the Handkerchief
26 The Magical Knot
27 Hat Production
30 The Rope and Rings
33 The Ring on the Wand
34 Three Malay Rope Tricks
39 The Latest Palm Pass
42 The Mysterious Photograph Frame
44 The Aladdin Tube
45 The Sybil Coin Case
46 The Spirit Slate
59 Bloodless Surgery
51 Good Luck to the Baby
52 The Handkerchief and the Empty Glass
54 Suggestions for a Handkerchief Production Act
56 Egg Vanishing Apparatus
58 The Newest Hat Loader
60 How to Destroy and Restore a Card
62 The New Spirit Photographs
66 The Aladdin Productive Candle
68 The Aladdin Changing Handkerchief Wand
70 Rapid Disappearance of a Thimble
71 The Enchanted Tube
73 Passing a Thimble Through a Borrowed Silk Handkerchief
75 The Deceptive Half-Crown
76 Flying Colours
78 The Two Card Trick
79 The Vanishing Pencil
81 The Improved Cannon and the Pellets
83 Heads or Tails
85 The New Diminishing Card
86 The Colour Changing Handkerchief
88 The Aviary Candlestick
90 The Card Transformation
91 The Aladdin Production Canister
93 Index
94 Advertisement: for Goldston's Magic