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Goldston, Will: Secrets of Magic
for Professional and Amateur Entertainers
©1903 Liverpool
Softcover, 112 pages (with ads)
Secrets of Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Will Goldston: Secrets of Magic


Contents (from book):

1 Photograph, Will Goldslon
3 Cartoon, Will Goldston
4 Introduction
6 The Wedding Ring passed through a Handkercnief
6 The Candle & Handkerchief Illusion
6 The Devo Card Trick
7 The Burnt Handkerchief Restored
7 The “ Mahatma" Card Divination Illusion
8 The Magic Cone
9 Crystal Box and Handkerchiefs
10 The “Mahatma" Paper & Cigar Trick
12 Valuable Chemistry Secrets
13 The Jenkyn's Card Change
14 The Coin Illusion
15 Novel Flag or Handkerchief Trick
16 The Vanishing Bird Cage
17 The “Mahatma” Flag and Candle Illusion
17 The “Laurie" Flying Glass and Fluid Illusion
18 The Mysterious Cross
19 New Canary Bird Trick
20 New Revolving Servante
20 Effective Coin Vanish
20 New Sum Trick
21 Cards, Coins, and Glass Illusion
22 Latest Paper Tearing Trick
22 The Lee Bullet Illusion
23 Illustration, "What a Clever Trick"
24 Harry Houdini
29 Method to Open Handcuffs without a Key
30 The Famous Spirit Collar Prick
30 Vanishing Lady on Horse's Back
31 The Sibyl Key Mystery
32 Mr Martin Chapender
34 An Improved Torn Card
36 The Changing Billiard Ball and Handkerchief
37 The Four Sympathetic Lady Friends
38 Mr. Horace Goldin
40 The Bodiless Lady Illusion
41 Photograph, Horace Goldin
42 A Celebrated Entertainer
43 New Card a-d Cigarette Trick
44 The Three Wonderful Cards
44 The New Card Trick
45 The Best Method of Dealing Seconds
46 Indian Jugglery
50 Newest Wine and Water 1 rick
51 New Sensational Card Trick
52 Coloured Sands of Enchantment
52 New Programme, King, and Envelope Trick
53 The Vanishing Performer Trick
54 Spirit Writing
54 The Mystic Celery Glass
55 Photographs, Hardeen
56 The only Trick in Spiritualism that has fooled me
57 Photograph, T Nelson Downs
58 Latest Coin Illusion
58 Ventriloquism
60 Smoke Pictures
62 Paper Manipulating
63 Paper Folding
66 Chapeaugraphy
69 Lesson on Hypnotism
72 Stage Hypnotism
75 The Great Everhart, "King of Hoops"
81 Hand Shadows
83 A Popular Acting Manager
84 Elocution
87 The Art of Making-up
89 Items of Interest
95 Advertisements