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Goldston, Will: More Tricks and Puzzles (with Patter)
©1919 2nd Edition (Revised) Will Goldston Limited, London
Hardcover, 92 pages
More Tricks and Puzzles (with Patter)
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty

Comments: There appears to have been a later, expanded edition titled, "More Tricks and Puzzles Without Mechanical Apparatus" put out around 1930.

Contents (note numbers are not page numbers):

1 To Spin a Penny Held By Two Pins
2 To Pass a Coin Through Your Sleeve
3 To Spin a Coin Inside a Hat
4 The Penny and the Handkerchief
5 The Disappearing Coin
6 To Spin a Coin on the Bottom of a Tumbler
7 A Coin Balanced on the Edge of a Tumbler
8 The Penny on the Finger
9 The Hypnotized Cards
10 Watch the Coin...
11 The Sixpence and the Handkerchief
12 The Walking Coin
13 A Lifting Trick...
14 A Knot Tied Instantaneously
15 The Card and the Watch
16 The Disappearing Sixpence
17 A Thought Reading Trick
18 The Imprisoned Watch
19 The Vanishing Half Crown
20 A Balancing Feat
21 A Trick with a Wax Match
22 Lighting a Match Twice
23 The Affectionate Queen
24 The Separate Matches...
25 Thought Reading with a Pack of Cards
26 String and Handkerchief Mystery
27 Pulling a Handkerchief Through the Leg
28 The Hypnotized Match..
29 To Drink a Glass of Water which is Covered with Another Glass Without Touching the Glasses with Hour Hands
30 One Way of Putting Out a Light
31 The Handkerchief and Broken Match
32 A Second Sight Trick
33 The Die with the Moving Spots
34 The Bewitched Rule
35 The Rubber Ring and the String
36 The Pencil, Loop and Buttonhole
37 The String and Buttonhole Trick
38 Two Tumblers and a Match
39 The Hypnotized Tumbler
40 The Hypnotized Hairpins
41 Aladdin’s Ring
42 The Burning Match Puzzle
43 A Pretty Match Puzzle
44 How It Is Done?
45 How Many More Matches Are Required?
46 Five Squares Made Into Four
47 The Sixteen Coin Puzzle
48 What is Half of Twelve?
49 To Pass A Penny Through A Hole Half Its Size
50 A Scientific Coin Puzzle
51 The Nine Dot Puzzle
52 What Are Matches Made Of?
53 Remarkable Numbers