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Goldston, Will: Latest Conjuring
©1905 A.W. Gamage, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 131 pages plus ads
Latest Conjuring
Image courtesy eBay seller DonBursell
Will Goldston: Latest Conjuring

Comments: Illustrated

Contents (Chapters from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Chapter I: Latest Tricks
With And Without Apparatus, Many Published For The First Time.

2 Chapter II: Every New And Startling Illusion
Accurately Explained

3 Chapter III: Magic Kettle
Latest Methods For Performing
The “Mystic Kettle” That Boils On Ice
The “Magic Kettle”: The Most Remarkable Utensil To Hold Liquor. This Little Kettle Can Produce Almost Any Drink, From Milk To Whisky.

4 Chapter IV: Escapes
Correct Method To Escape From Handcuffs, Leg-Lrons, Rope, Iron Collars, Padlocks, Sacks, Iron Trunks, Wooden Boxes, Barrels, Iron Cages

5 Chapter V Hand Shadows
And How To Work Them

6 Chapter VI Sketch
Miser A Phantasy: a sketch written, invented and acted by Miss Eileen Elyce and Mr. Martin Chapender at the Egyptian Hall, London