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Goldston, Will: Juggling Secrets
©1911 The Magician Ltd, London
Hardcover, 96 pages
Juggling Secrets
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Will Goldston: Juggling Secrets

Comments: Illustrated, plus Ads by A.W. Gamage, Ltd. of London.
Edited and compiled by Will Goldston, with significant sections authored by Fred Valasco.

Contents (from Book):

4 Introduction
7 Advice to the Reader

7 Practical Lessons from which the Art may be Learned
8 Ball Jugglery
19 Sleight-of-Hand Juggling
19 Juggling with Knives
22 Juggling with Hats
26 Juggling with Plates
30 Juggling with a Paper Cone
32 Hoop-Rolling Ordinary and Extraordinary

42 Mechanical Juggling
42 Juggling with a Basket of Flowers
45 Juggling with a Bowl of Water
49 Balancing Fekes (Fred Velasco)

56 Juggling Simplified (Fred Valasco)
57 Balancing Three Balls on the Flame of a Candle
59 Picture Frame Balance
60 Cigar, Hat and Glove Juggle
61 Spinning a Plate on the Edge of an Umbrella
62 Balance Ball and Cues
63 The Three Chair Juggle
64 Lamp, Plate and Bowl Manipulation

73 An Australian Juggling Act (Fred Valasco)

89 Simple Juggling and Balancing Tricks (Fred Valasco)
89 Juggling with Coins
90 Egg and Straw Balance
91 Eyeglass Juggle
92 Tumbler and Card Balance
93 Tub Spinning
95 Billiard Ball Balance
95 Club Juggling