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Goldston, Will: Easy Magic With Patter, Part Two
©1919 Will Goldston Ltd., England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 66 pages
Easy Magic With
              Patter Part 2
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty



3 Facing An Audience
5 The Organ Pipes Trick
7 The Bowl and Paper Cone
8 The Austin Temple Frame and Handkerchief
10 The Ruler and The Handkerchief
12 The Penny In The Handkerchief
13 The Mysterious Clock Dial
16 The Pyramid Flag Production
17 The Dyed Handkerchiefs
20 The Broken Plate
20 The Thought-Reading Penny
21 The Best Torn and Restored Paper Trick
23 The Simplest Rising Card Trick
25 The Magic Rose Bushes
26 The Thimble and The Handkerchief
29 New Sun and Moon Trick
30 The Missing Card
31 First You See It
32 Teaching A Trick
32 The Changing Pack Of Cards
33 The Three Predictions
35 The Aladdin Production Box
36 Bertram’s Trick With A Shilling and A Copy of Tit-Bits
38 The Loop Of String Round The Head
39 The Ring and String
40 “King” Of Coin Fakes
42 The Expert Pack Of Marked Cards
44 The Aladdin Ball Apparatus
45 The New Watch Box and Loaf
47 The Improved Hat Loader
48 The “Teed” Improvement
49 The Obliging Hen
50 The Newest Production Cabinet
52 New Card Rising Apparatus
54 The Chocolates, Cigarette and Card Trick
56 The Smoke Mystery
57 A New Die For The Die Box
58 The Magical Matches
59 A Number Of Babies Magically Produced From A Hat
60 The New Card Tray