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Goldston, Will: Easy Magic With Patter, Part One
©1919 (circa) Will Goldston Ltd., London
Softcover, 50 pages
Easy Magic with
              Patter Part One
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty



3 Always A Conjurer
6 The Tell-Tale Card
7 The Cards And Board Illusion
9 The Magic Blow
9 The "Aladdin" Three Card Trick
10 The New Changing Card
11 The "Newest" Second-Sight Card Case
13 The "Sybil" Rising Cards
16 A Bad Memory
17 The "Spelling Bee" In Various Forms
18 The New Spelling Bee
19 The Two Travellers
21 The Halter Trick
22 The Secret Escape
23 The Magic Curl
24 The Drawing Pin Stunt
26 The Hypnotic Sixpence
26 Odds And Ends
27 A Little Catch
28 Balancing A Penny On The Fingers
29 The Disappearing Bottle
29 The Performing Coin
29 The Mesmerised Pencil
30 The Three Thimbles And The Pea
31 The Floating Needle
32 The Torn Strip Of Paper
32 The Tumbler And The Coin
33 The Improved Paper And The Penny
34 The Production Of A Handkerchief
35 The "W.G." Knot
36 The Penny In The Handkerchief
37 The Latest Method For Performing The Penetrating Ink Effect
38 The Newest "Aladdin" Disappearing Wand
40 The Correct Method Of Flag Production
41 Goldston's Newest Magic Apron
42 The "Page" Cigarette Producer
44 The New Note
46 The Newest Packing Case Mystery