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Goldston, Will: Card & Ball Tricks With Patter
©1916 Will Goldston,
Softcover, 11 pages
Card and Ball Tricks With Patter
No Cover Image - Inside Title
Image courtesy State Library Victoria
Will Goldston: Card and Ball Tricks (With Patter)



1 Introduction
1 “Encore” Changing Card
2 The Printing-Out Frame and Card Trick (Percy Pellew)
3 The “A.P.” Rising Card Trick
4 The “O.K.” Billiard Ball Pass
4 Rebounding Billiard Ball Pass
5 The “Finger Clutch” Ball Pass
5 Multiplying Ball Trick
5 The Billiard Ball that Diminishes
6 The “Perfect” Diminishing Cards
6 The “Perfect” Wandering Card
7 The “Perfect” Rising Card Trick
7 Cards to Bouquet Trick
7 The Dissolving Ball in Wineglass
8 Twirling Card on Wand
8 “Aladdin” Cylinder and Balls
9 Advertisements: for Will Goldston products