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Goldston, Will: Annual of Magic 1915-16
1916 Will Goldston, London
Hardbound, 72 Pages

Annual of Magic 1915-1916
Image courtesy eBay seller DonBursell

Comments ( This is the last book in the 'Magician Annual' series of Goldston. It carries a slightly different title, 'Annual of Magic' instead of 'Magician Annual', but otherwise is kept in the very same style and type of contents as all the other books in this series. Beside tricks, illusions and patter, you will find a lot about magicians of this era. For example the "Who's Who and Why" is an interesting article. Available as an e-book from


04 Introduction
05 Advice for the Student
05 Programme for Concert Platform (Will Goldston)
07 How to Advertise
07 Money from Magic
10 Brainy Patter (Stanley Collins)
10 Plant and Umbrella Trick (Patter)
10 Table Lifting Experiment (Patter)
10 Tin-Tack Trick (Patter)
11 Aladding Matchless Match Trick (Patter)
11 Bran, Goblet and Rabbit Trick (Patter)
11 Candlestick to Plant Trick (Patter)
11 Matchless Match Trick (Patter)
11 Mystic Frame and Sketch (Patter)
12 Bouquet and Tube Trick (Patter)
12 Tube and Bouquet Trick (Patter)
13 Ainslie, Arthur (Section)
13 Arthur Ainslie (Section)
13 Choose your Colour
13 Original Drawing-room Magic
14 Sense of Touch
15 Race Trick
16 Adhering Pips and Blank Cards
16 Blank Cards and Adhering Pips
16 Card Tricks 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 46
16 Pick of the Pack
17 Bamberg's Envelopes and Card Trick
17 Spinning Cards on Tray
19 Perfect Rising Card Trick
19 Thought Materialization Trick
21 Baffler Pack of Cards
22 Penetrating Bottle and Tray (Montague Albert)
23 Tumbling Blocks and Bouquets (Montague Albert)
24 Abbott's Spirit Paintings Illusion
29 Magic Kettle
31 House of Liliput Illusion
33 Thought Transmission (Stanley Witcher)
34 Bathing Belle (Stanley Witcher)
37 Aeroplane and Trunk Illusion (Stanley Witcher)
37 Montague Albert's Tricks
37 Trunk and Aeroplane Illusion (Montague Albert)
39 Crowd from Cabinet Illusion
41 Serviette to Sultan Trick
42 Bathing Tent Mystery (Montague Albert)
45 Josser Magician (Cartoon)
46 Collins, Stanley (Sections)
46 Court Intrigue (cards, Stanley Collins)
46 My Magic (Stanley Collins)
47 Magic of Environment (patter)
50 La Mysterie Electrique (Illusion)
56 Who's Who and Why
59 If there were no Magic (Cartoon)
60 Enchanted Wood (illusion; Stanley Witcher)
64 Find the Lady Illusion (Will Goldson)
66 Leon's Wonderful Changing Screen
69 Menagerie Mystery (Montague Albert)