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Goldston, Will: Magician Annual 1910-11
©1910, The Magician Limited, London, 1st Edition
Hardbound, 106 pages
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Magician Annual 1910-1911
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Comments ( This book is filled with a variety of interesting articles, from trick descriptions to patter suggestions, from biographical information to theory. Among others there is a trick contribution by Houdini. This book is layed out beautifully, almost like a magazine. Overall a very nice and interesting book to read.


3 Index
5 The Editor to his Readers
7 The Scribe, The Failure, and The Magician (John Keyman)
10 Amateur Conjurer's Accessories (George Johnson)
12 The Magic of Suggestion (Professor Hoffmann)
14 New Patter for Popular Problems (Woolfe Clyne)
23 Wine v. Water (Chris Van Bern)
25 Telepathic Materialization (Max Sterling)
27 Original Tricks ("Elliot")
31 Magicians I Have Met (Will Goldston)
44 Some Clever Box Mysteries Exposed (Jay Gee)
49 Original Stage Mysteries (Collins & Bretma)
54 The League of Magicians (Will Goldston)
56 Something to Startle the Public (Edgar Turner)
61 Other People's Ideas (The Editor)
79 Fêke Mediums ("Katchem")
87 Can the Dead Speak? (Henry Byatt)
94 Spanish Maiden Escape (Harry Houdini)
97 Quick Change Secrets (Lee Laurie)
99 Mysterious Stage Illusions (Will Goldston)
103 Other Coloured Plates