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Goldston, Will: Magician Annual 1908-9
©1909 London 1st edition
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Magician Annual 1908-1909
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Comments ( This is the second volume in Goldston's Magician Annual series. It has a nice little section on Chapeaugraphy and a large section on patents. You will find there all kind of improvements to various apparatuses. And there is biographical information and recollections of famous magicians as well as a lot of photos of celebrities.


7 The Editor to His Readers (Will Goldston)
8 Comedy Jugglers (The Great Weiland)
10 Famous Magicians (Robert Ankele)
11 Living Marionettes (Leah Laurie)
13 Card Tricks (Dr. Elliot)
14 My First Appearance on the Stage as a Magician (W. N. Winget)
15 Episodes in Indian Travel (Frederic Melville)
18 Group of Conjurers (Baron Low)
19 Crystal Gazing (Pennanenk)
21 A Magician's Wanderings (Victor L'Estrange)
28 How I Became a Conjurer (Prof. Hoffmann)
30 Interesting Letters of the Late Joseph Bland (Bennett Scott)
31 Illusions for Illusionists (Will Avis)
36 Hoop Tricks and Possibilities (Everhart)
39 A Section by Selbit
41 Home-made Apparatus (Geo. Johnson)
44 How I Became a Magician (Hercat)
49 Mr. Harry Gait
50 An Effective Hand Shadow (Warwick Lethbridge)
50 Suggestions (J. Weaver Innes)
51 Indian Tricks (Alvaro)
55 Chapeaugraphy (Will Avis)
59 Well-known Artistes (Baron Low)
60 Indoor Magic (Jay Gee)
63 Patents