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Goldstein, Phil: Notions
©1978 Phil Goldstein, Boston
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayandLefty
Phil Goldstein: Notions

Comments: Originally came with a Broken 3 of Spades Card for Broken Elevator

Contents (from book, updated Oct 2017):

1 Introduction
2 Books & Products: Bibliography
3 Very Good Hand: ambitious packet with Royal Flush climax
4 Broken Elevator: the spectator breaks a card, using a specially printed card
5 Contrasting Prediction: your red-backed card matches the blue backed selection
6 Prints Charming: three blank cards develop backs and faces as passed through the hand
7 MacDonald Goldstein: version of MacDonald's Aces
9 Maybe: Comedy mentalism
10 Pop Off: balloon sight gag
10 Another Birthday: performer deals cards corresponding to birthdate of spectator, and the card was predicted
11 The Coupon Caper: a Just Chance routine
12 In Case Of ESP: ESP card revelation