Goldman, Bill: Magic Bar & Grill
1995-2005 Bill Goldman
Softcover, perfect bound, 45 pages

Magic Bar &

Comments: Bill's Magic Bar & Grill magazine (10 issues) now compiled into a single volume!

Contents: (I own issues 1-7 so those are accurate, the rest is from Bill's website)

1 Bar & Grill #1 (6 pages)
1 Grill: what makes a good magician
1 Finger Count: icebreaker
2 Lemonade: two spectators choose the same card
3 Whatever: Prediction matches number, letter, and card selected
4 - The Art Part: construction
5 When All Is Said and Done: a slice of life for the trade show magician

1 Bar & Grill #2 (6 pages)
1 Grill Blue Plate Special: engaging an audience
1 Magic Papers: trade show notes
2 Bonus Trick: impromptu pen suspended from fingers
2 Soup of the Day: prediction of four items called out by audience
When All Is Said and Done (Harrison Carroll): good and bad days
4 The Big Pill: a giant pill gag
5 Introductions We Hate to Hear: comedy

1 Bar & Grill #3 (8 pages)
1 Grill: It's Magic, but is it Art?
1 Overjog Control: cards
2 All Aboard - The Chameleon Bill: hundred dollar bill switch; the bill increases in value with each fold
3 When All is Said and Done (Dennis DeBondt): humorous anecdote
3 IRD - Information Retrieval Device (Peter Studebaker): a banded deck trick
4 Chicken Eggs: on magic and ethics

1 Bar & Grill #4 (8 pages)
1 Grill - Card Link: new handling for Paul Harris' Immaculate Connection
1 Thumb Card: improvised thumb-tip silk production
2 GamBit: idea for a think-of-a-card-you-see effect
3 When All Is Said and Done (Bob Greenberg): trade show tips
4 Fast Hands: card trick introducing the Veckey Subtlety
8 This And That: idea for the previous issue's Chameleon Bill

1 Bar & Grill #5 (6 pages)
1 Grill: on Internet chats
1 The Flying Backpalm (Mark Roberts): addition to IRD from issue 3
3 When All Is Said and Done (Bob Seaver): what is a magician?
4 The Sunday Times: an up to date version of Gene Anderson's Torn & Restored Newspaper (you should own that, too)
6 A Little Gift: idea using Algonquin McDuff's Little Brown Bag

1 Bar & Grill #6: One Man - One Trick Issue (6 pages)
1 Improved Restored Newspaper: paper is handed out at the end of the routine
2 Sample Headlines (Dennis DeBondt)
3 Newspaper Fold: illustrations
4 How-To
6 When All Is Said and Done: The Golden Rule

1 Bar & Grill #7 (8 pages)
1 On a Cool Grill: On Mentalism
1 You Can See Forever: mental coin bending
3 When All Is Said and Done: clever idea for use of a dove pan
4 There Ain't No More: a subtle approach for predicting several spectator's card selections
5 Like a Bird on a Wire: Book Test

1 Bar & Grill #8

1 Bar & Grill #9

1 Bar & Grill #10
19 Money Changer
20 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
21 Slider

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