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Goldin, Horace: Mysterious Tricks
©1931 Will Goldston, London
Hardcover, 5.25x7.5", 36 pages
Mysterious Tricks
Image courtesy e-Bay seller RaolsonMagic

Comments: "A Series of Magical Mysteries Profusely Illustrated." Booklet is filled with intructions for various magic tricks. In addition to the photo of Goldin on page 6, there are 10 other pages with illustrations. Rear of book has 10 pages of fortune telling information. There are ads for a magic set sold by Will Goldston on inside front cover. Inside rear cover, and back cover, have ads for magic books sold by Goldston, including Okito on Magic."


6 Photograph
7 Introduction
9 A Few Hints
10 Hearing With the Teeth
10 To Cause a Coin to Vanish
11 The Vanishing Ring
11 Another Ring Trick
12 The Penetrating Pennies
13 The Vanishing Handkerchief
14 A Thought-Reading Trick
15 More Thought-Reading
15 The Vanishing Cigarette
15 A Hole in the Sleeve
16 The Four Coins
16 String Magic
17 The Latest Disappearing Sixpence
18 Three Hypnotic Tricks
20 The Candle and Flag Trick
21 Keda
23 Horace Goldin at the Empire Theatre, Paris (translation)
25 Your Future Foretold