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Gloye, Dr. Eugene: The Table Book
Frances and Jay Marshall, Editors
1961 Ireland Magic Co.
Softcover, Comb-Bound, 8.5x11", 48 Pages
              Table Book
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Rrath

Comments (Magic, Inc.): "Exciting new angle. Everything you need to know for building your own tables, stands, stage props of all kinds are included. 29 Detailed schematic plans." We've covered the field - it's all here. Printed on big (8 1/2x11") pages, Gene Gloye's masterful drawings show you exactly how to make (or to have made locally) these exquisite stage props. Additional details are given in clear, concise test. All dimensions given. Color schemes and materials are suggested. Sources for materials are given. Nothing is left out that would help you build the act or show of your dreams."


2 Introductory Construction Notes: tools, construction tips
4 The Norman Howe Table: small roll-on type magic table
7 Compact Nite Club Table (Joe Palen): folding but solid table
8 Cut Out Night Club Table: lighter weight because of the cut-outs
9 Deep Shelf Night Club Table: non-folding
10 Travel Table: breaks down, on rollers
12 Utility Roll On Table: for a "one table" show
14 Easy to Make Roll On: starting from a laundry cart frame
16 Simple Solid Panel Side Stand: adds space and visual appeal
17 Card Motif Novelty Tables: simple tables
18 Novelty Animal Tables: as above, but with animal cutouts
19 Utility Clown Prop Table: for kid's shows
20 Drum Stands: made from large aluminum tubes
22 Novelty Side Stands: clever ideas
23 Tier Table: with round shelves
24 Utility Turn Table: change hangers as needed
25 Utility Stand: for a small act
26 Gravity Defying Side Tables: tables lean
27 Gambling Expose' Case: a suitcase type stand
28 Close Up Platform: rests on top of table, with room for props
29 Card Table Platform (Dr. Eugene Gloye): miniature night club table for closer performances
30 Packaway Table (Robert Harbin): another compact table
32 Box Type Tables: table tops as shallow boxes
23 Elevator Table: with special well
36 Construction of Black Art Wells
38 Additional Black Art Well Ideas
41 Furniture Covers: brighten up your stage
42 Microphone Stand Clip On: utility shelf
43 Hand Net
43 Chair Back Tray
44 Act Packed Cases:
45 Notes: further hints and tips