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Gloviczki, Peter: Lecture Notes 1985: The Magic of Peter Gloviczki
©1985, published by Peter Gloviczki
Paper, 23 pages

Comments (Stewart Tame): "gluh-VIT-skee" because I know you're wondering. Gloviczki was a FISM winner, though I've forgotten which year. Some of the routines call for special apparatus which was offered for sale with the lecture notes. Photo illustrated.


1 Production of Billiard Balls from the Silk: "This a nice way to produce and change color of billiard balls, and the final climax is the appearance of five different colored billiard balls of two inches in diameter."
4 The Magic Monocle (after Lazlo Marton): Magician places monocle in eye, removes it, tosses into the air, it vanishes, magician turns to show monocle in eye again.
6 The Magic Die: Magician threads rope through hole in 3" die, ties knot in it, die removed from rope without releasing ends.
9 Die and Rope: Variant handling of above effect.
11 Card Between Fans: Fast appearance of a selected card between two fans held in each hand.
14 Rodolfo's Favorite Three Card Trick: Basically Color Monte with normal playing cards.
18 Variation on Anverdi's Ring and Rope Routine
18 Ring Off the Rope: Ring threaded onto rope, knot tied around ring, ring removed from rope.
21 Multiplying Magic Wand: Four wands from one.
21 Two Magic Wands From One: Single wand instantly transforms into two.