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Gladwin, Andi: Virtual Reality
©2001 Andi Gladwin, A² Productions
Paper, page count unknown
Virtual Reality

Comments: Lecture Notes by Andi Gladwin of A-squared Productions.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Andi-Cap: a pen and rubber ball routine
2 Name Game Principle: spectator's name instantly appears on business or playing card
3 Virtual Reality Cut: two-hand flourish/four ace production
4 Key-Volution: Key is inserted into a door lock and vanishes, to be found inside the lock on the other side of the door
5 Inside Out: A playing card is folded and turns inside out as evidenced by the words "This Way Out" moving from the inside of the card to the outside.
6 T-A-C: spectator thinks of a card and the magician instantly writes down the correct name.
7 A Miracle With Monte: another angle to the Three Card Monte
8 Essay: Don't interrupt the moment of wonder